Coming in June

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Sign up for our waitlist to be contacted with further details about registration. You will not be charged anything until you are fully registered. Sign up for the waitlist for details. Once registered this will be a monthly subscription of $44 which you can opt out of any time. We will reach out to you via email the last week of May before opening to get you all set up and registered for this subscription which includes a monthly private live zoom call, a private members only telegram group with weekly lessons, activations, meditations, check ins and deep dives with Merissa in flow as we actively engage the material for our growth and evolution. Members receive exclusive membership discounts for sessions, classes and activation mp3s. Note* The women's group is launching first and men are welcome to register for the waitlist now as we prepare the material for the co-ed group to come. Please email with any questions [email protected]

Private member community offerings

Monthly coaching calls with weekly theme check ins. Make the most of these quantum practices, wisdom & shamanic training to unlock your pure potential

  • Your Superhuman potential is a codon waiting to be activated

  • Quantum consciousness calibration

  • Elemental body activation & shamanic somatic practices

  • Lightbody technology awareness & activation

  • Activate intuitive gifts & dormant abilities

  • Breath, movement & mystery school practices

  • Women's conscious evolution private group

  • Co-ed Conscious evolution private group

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We will initiate this offering with a community for women & then add a co-ed version for both men and women looking to collaborate with these trainings to activate the sacred village templates.

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