Welcome to our pre-sale! Remembering Solaria, an Ascension and Solar Activation Manual comes out Spring Equinox 2023

We've created an amazing sponsorship package for those interested in discovering more about our Solar Beingness

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Sponsorship includes several mastery level classes, meditations, books and Tai Qi Gung membership available on demand to begin your dive into this material while you wait for the book to be released. 

What is included in this package?

This pre-launch package includes the following:

Cosmic Soular Rishi course, presentation & ebook

Remembering Solaria course, presentation & Resources ebook

Mayan Galactic Calendar course, presentation & Star Glyph or Galactic Signature decoder resources for your birth chart

Your guide to Solar Flares & the Ascension process at elemental level video

Dosha quiz to explore your atomic elemental for lightbody activation & tuning

Golden Plasma Accelerator meditation mp3

Self Care in Seconds through Ayurveda ebook

Link to Free 45 day challenge learning Tai Qi Gung to understand the quantum dimensions of energy

Dive into this enlightening material

Connect to the worlds of energy, solar light and applied golden plasma wisdom

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    WELCOME to Divine DNA Blueprint mystery school!!

    • Message from Merissa
    • Welcome to Solaria
    • Sponsorship package
  • 2

    Solar Flares for Ascension

    • Solar Flares for Ascension video lesson
    • Solar Flares and the Ascension Process, Consciousness Journey
  • 3

    Solar Rishi mastery course

    • Council of Solar Rishi mastery empowerment course video replay
    • Codes of the Council of Cosmic Soular Rishi ebook
  • 4

    Remembering Solaria -Becoming Sovereign Suns again

    • Remembering Solaria mastery empowerment course video replay
    • Remembering Solaria Resources Guide
    • Golden Plasma accelerator activation
  • 5

    Galactic Calendar Course w/ the Cosmic Maya

    • Welcome to Galactic Living on New Earth, where Time is Art ~Galactic Calendar, New Earth global citizenship preparation with the Cosmic Mayans & Lyrans
    • Galactic Calendar Class mastery empowerment course video replay
    • Decode Destiny: Explore your Mayan Galactic Signature Star Glyph
    • 2020-2029 A 9 Year Vision Map by the Galactic team at Law of Time