The miraculous power of conscious breath

Did you know the majority of people breathe shallowly into the chest, getting a tenth of their oxygen potential?! This shallow breathing causes anxiety to the nervous system which then adversely impacts our emotions and mind simply because our oxygen levels are low.

Using your breath is the most powerful, natural, safe & direct method to get back to center as needed in the moment. Imagine how consciously partnering with your breath has the potential to lighten up your entire life. 

Within minutes you will feel a shift in your mental state, heart rate, physically more relaxed body for a few examples.

Learn ancient breath techniques of the Yogis! Find calm in mere minutes & connect to your Higher Self Divine Mind… 

  • Brain hemisphere balance: Alleviating anxiety to create balance, peace and relaxation within 3 minutes

  • Slowing the mind state/thought fluctuations to discern Fear (false evidence appearing real) from your Now Truth

  • Mastering your channel of divine feminine energy and receptivity to calm, soothe, relax (great for racing thoughts or feeling too fired up, also to go to bed at night)

  • Mastering your channel of divine masculine energy and action potential to sharpen the mind, create motivational energy mentally and emotionally (great for sluggish mind, needing to get fired up, for linear work tasks, and in the morning with or to replace your coffee)

  • Transcend anger and detox the liver at the same time

  • Open, stimulate and strengthen 3rd eye for connection, creative ability, powers of manifestation

Course curriculum

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    Instructions for this course

  • 2

    Welcome to the technology of sacred breath: an introduction to your holographic, cosmic existence through the body

    • Bliss of Breath Mastery Class video presentation part 1
    • Bliss of Breath Mastery Class video presentation part 2
    • Pranayama Bliss of Breath Mastery Class Presentation Slides
    • Pranayama ebook with breath techniques to deepen your journey
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    Resources and further support

    • Great books to explore and deepen your practice
    • Soul sessions for one on one support