Welcome home to your sacred temple, your seat of the soul, your body! Stretch, breathe, release & make space to embody more light

Lightbody Prana Yoga Mastery Empowerment Course

Welcome to Lightbody Yoga! This is a revolutionary approach to yoga which includes energy healing, ancestral clearing, qi gong, body drumming/tapping, and conscious breath to raise our frequency. This is where soul meets body! A gentle, expansive system of prana-directed movement to remove density from our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. By making space within the body through stretching, conscious breath, touch, and prana or energy circulation, we are also making space for more light within the physical body! This is a unique practice created for all those on the ascension journey to New Earth to innerstand how to release the old by going deep inside the body through the breath and mind’s eye or 3rd eye.


Free intro mini class to explore this amazing system

How do we land on New Earth? Through the body! Experience the ultimate homecoming through the body temple

Build true peace and pleasure to be here NOW and truly innerstand how to use your body Merkaba as a sacred vessel for creation

  • Establish a deeper connection to your soul and your galactic embodiment where you realize the cosmos within your DNA, the connections between the micro and macro

  • Each class is 75 minutes long and ends with a guided meditation or sound healing to integrate the codes discovered in deep relaxation.

  • Witness the miracle of the body as a temple for the soul and innerstand the multi-dimensional functioning of the body as a liquid crystalline matrix, a storage of information and sacred codes from the DNA

  • Integrate using prana or life force, zero-point energy for healing through the breath

  • Learn how to release the old on a continual basis to consistently refresh, upgrade and align with or embody the New Light of New Earth

  • Unlock and activate your atomic cellular energy to feel it vibrating in your skin and outwards through your fields

  • Increased energy levels, strengthen immunity

  • Embody higher self attributes

  • Remember or discover abilities, gifts and soul missions through the information in your body/breath

  • Build the gridwork inside your body to become and hold your light as a portal of New Earth

This is a 6-week course designed to open the body and deepen your connection to New Earth through you.

Each week we will explore a different section of the body and unlock the codes held within

We will breathe into the old information or “issues in the tissues” to then release them and re-code from the DNA and cellular levels, consciously making space for the higher light of New Earth to build a framework or new system within our body.

This course includes 2 bonus Q&A hangout sessions throughout the 6 week period to go more deeply into this practice and share what you discover and bring through too!

Yoga means to unify or embody the divine within us by yoking it, capturing it through our own consistent devotion to the process of being here NOW.

After first getting certified to teach yoga 12 years ago, Merissa has created a revolutionary stretch yoga that is restorative in nature to support clearing and making space within for the new light. Her guides stated, “it is time to make space in the body to stabilize in the new light to create New Earth from the inside!”

This is a gentle, restorative multi-dimensional yoga she created with the guidance of the Yogis (Babaji & BKS Iyengar provided input for this system) to support her ascension process through her own practice of integrating light codes and the various light upgrade symptoms of tension, physical or emotional pain, aches, old memories, and other signs of stuck energy. Through this practice, you begin to re-sensitize to your energy and can feel your cells vibrating through your fields, from the skin in!

This 6-week course will provide many ways to use this cutting edge, organic Light body technology which has been birthed through Merissa’s experience as she discovered new ways to move energy and release old programs even when in bed with physical light upgrades.

Bonus material: Registration for this workshop includes the Bliss of Breath 101 & Frequency of Immunity courses to expand your connection to your breath and gain an Ayurvedic insight into building immunity through diet and digestion.

  • Week One ~Welcome to your body: body/field blessing, appreciation, stretching, breathing, rooting into the temple and meeting yourself, alignment and safety, props

  • Week Two ~Energy Body activations, qi gong for detox, longevity, star chi, earth chi, body drumming and tapping, self-massage to open the fields from skin in

  • Week Three ~Legs, hips, sacrum, ankles, and feet to activate, release and embody new codes, ancestral clearing, being HERE on Gaia New Earth, sacred Earthwalk activation

  • Week Four ~Heart opening, higher heart, chest & shoulders, arms, wrists & hands, 3 fold flame activation Plus 2 hr Q&A after class

  • Week Five ~Activating your Wings: codes of old trauma held in back of our heart chakra, angelic human DNA activation

  • Week Six ~For meditation, open the neck, shoulders, hips, and spine to quiet the mind and commune with Source, Higher Self & Guides Plus 2 hr Q&A after class

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Lightbody Prana Yoga ~Where soul meets body! A system for emotional, mental, physical & spiritual harmony

  • 3

    Pranayama Workshop: Mastering the Miraculous Power of Conscious Breath

    • Mastering the Miraculous Power of Conscious Breath ebook primer
    • Pranayama Workshop: Mastering the Miraculous Power of Conscious Breath Part 1
    • Pranayama Workshop: Mastering the Miraculous Power of Conscious Breath Part 2
  • 4

    Ayurveda for Immunity

    • Raydiant Body: Frequency of Immunity Full workshop
  • 5

    Lightbody Prana Yoga classes

    • Class one -Welcome to your body! A whole new view and reverence for the house of the soul
    • Class two -Foundations of Energy & the access all around us to healing life force energies
    • Class three: Opening the Gates for our Earth walk
    • Class Four: Heart Opening
    • Class Five Angelic Human DNA activation
    • Class Six: Meditation & Divine Communion
  • 6

    Continuing onwards and upwards

    • Private sessions and group classes are available
    • Soul sessions for one on one support
    • Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 2 or the Restorative Series 3

Journey into your inner sanctum & all the codes held within the cosmos of your own body...

Establish a deeper connection to your soul and your galactic embodiment where you realize the cosmos within your DNA, the connections between the micro and macro

Start physical ascension now! Integrate soul with body