Ready to move forward and burn through doubts or blocks?

If you are hearing a call to shift into greater authenticity and be courageous, this course will ignite your heart fire

Partner with an ascended master who has experienced a full earthly life with all its ups and downs and then taken the wisdom forward to glory… Mary Magdalene embraced her journey, activated her power and freed herself from fear to emerge into radiance. She is the role model for all women seeking empowerment…

Mary Magdalene is a powerful ally for all women on the path to their inner wisdom, strength and creativity. An ascended master is a being who has walked a human life here among us, gone through immense tribulation and suffering to understand the human condition. Liberation from suffering and feeling small is the quest for each of us. It is an invitation to tap into our innate ability to transform ourselves and our lives from the inside out. Mary Magdalene is a prime example of the journey into our unique purpose and mastery. As a business woman, activist, leader and priestess she is the archetypal force representing all women who want to feel free and courageous to live their highest potential.

  • For women who are ready to shift the story and embrace their inspiration to make big changes

  • This course is to inspire women who want to feel strong, whole, and find or align with their purpose

  • For those who are interested in women's mysteries, healing sexual trauma, abuse or womb clearing and healing

  • Mary Magdalene is an amazing ally for every woman on their healing journey who wants to become who they have always dreamed of and bridge the gap from the old story or negative self-talk to a place of empowerment and purpose

  • Find your voice, power and move forward with confidence to share your passion

  • If you are called to the priestess path, curious about mystery school wisdom or feeling drawn to connect with the Priestess Lineage of the Rose

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Who is Mary Magdalene, The Divine Feminine Awakening

    • Course Outline FREE PREVIEW
    • Welcome! FREE PREVIEW
    • Suggested resources to enrich your experience
    • Create an Altar for the course
    • Meet Mary Magdalene
    • Daily Meditation + Virtual Altar - Clear & re-align your energy, connect with your guide Mary Magdalene
    • More reading: Mary Magdalene as an avatar of the divine feminine Christ
    • How do you relate to Mary Magdalene journal exercise
    • Why is the divine feminine so important at this time?
    • Personal goals as the divine feminine journal exercise
  • 2

    Soul contracts with Mary Magdalene as the prime example

    • Soul contracts, understanding pain from a multidimensional perspective
    • Soul contract exploration
    • Soul Contract Freeze ritual
  • 3

    Release Distortion ~ A Ritual with Mary Magdalene to make more room for the new story & highest path

    • What is trauma, and why do we need to process it
    • Distortion Release -written exercise for ritual
    • Distortion Release ritual
  • 4

    Sacred Heart ~The keys to destiny

    • Rose Codes: Mary Magdalene and the sacred rose for healing & beauty
    • The sacred heart
    • Star-mapping the body: The higher heart chakra & thymus
    • Alchemizing your story from pain to medicine for success & leadership
  • 5

    Star-mapping the body: Physical embodiment of the sacred feminine

    • Star-mapping the body: The throat chakra portal
    • Throat chakra liberation ritual
    • Star-mapping the body: Your womb is a stargate
    • Golden Womb Chakra Energy Meditation
    • The 6 Healing Sounds: Transform emotions & release stuck energy from your organs
  • 6

    Sacred Self-Care to maintain sacred feminine embodiment

  • 7

    Living on purpose + Materials to continue the journey