Activation of Shakti channels, womb chakra clearing & activation through tSophia Seraphim and the Rose Council of Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene.

Calling all holy women! Change agents, way showers, yogis, mystics, witches, priestesses, bridge keepers, carriers of the true, organic shift support seed templates and coding! Are you hearing a call to step it up in all aspects of your life? Professionally and personally? How to deepen your impact? Have you been asking Source/the Universe/God for support to carry out your mission? Are you ready to reach for the next level? This amazing journey is infinite. At soul level we signed up for these amazing, challenging times to unify with divine harmony, destiny and purpose. We each have unlimited potential to grow, expand, reach, give and receive. Let’s make space for the new and true to come forth, so we can live from a joyous, empowered, integrated and on purpose soul coordinate, truly a holy place of Being. This workshop is devoted to the divine dance of life and our consistent expansion contraction cycles on the journey as we keep saying yes to the invitations and reach higher for the stars

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

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    Foundations of personal Ministry

    • Holy Women video presentation part 1
    • Holy Women video presentation part 2
    • Dhalia Mandala ebook
    • Rose Codes: Mary Magdalene and the sacred rose for healing & beauty
    • Rose Codes: Keys to the Sacred Heart ebook
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    Next Steps...

Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Sophia Seraphim come forth, asking us to step it up, to unify and heal division within, to show the way home to heart-centered living for all in our lives both professionally and personally..

Whether you are just beginning, have the inner nudge to be a part of this shift and support community at this most sacred and precious time, or you already are an established way shower or holy woman, this workshop has sacred technologies to deepen your vision. It all begins with the inner landscape. The Intel is inside. Extract it and merge with ascended master support, seraphim level support to match the incoming, unavoidable uplevel of your personal expression, frequency and life! Shift happens, and it is going to keep happening! Expansion is the game from now on. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Partner with your soul and allies so instead of a battle, this all becomes a dance…

Are you ready to dive into your calling? In this potent course of pure power, wisdom and love we will dive into the following...

  • Anchor your vision ~Crystallize it into physical action steps and your unique divine expression ~Clear old programming of limitations, lack, persecution or fear

  • The Holy Womb chakra technology of Mother Mary and the ancient Rishis ~Guided meditation for re-birth, Activation of Holy Womb Chakra ~Sacred sound technology through Mantra

  • Ultimate Rebirth initiation to embody your holy woman ~DNA rewrites & pure Rose code Lemurian lineage overlay as we code in the new and true story (new to us at first, though this has always been whispering within to be embraced and expressed)

  • Discover new gifts and abilities ~Note, there is always more to receive and share through gifts and abilities as these Revelation codes continue to show us. The deeper we go the more gems, gifts there are for us and others

Meet the Rose Council

For this workshop we will be working with ascended master Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Sophia Seraphim (whom I work with personally in my Oracle stream sessions) to facilitate your unique bloom of expression, embodiment and sacred empowerment.

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